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SSL CertificatesWhat are SSL Certificates?
Have you ever visited a website and see the little green lock next to the domain name? That’s one small feature of an SSL certificate but what the certificate does behind the scenes is more important.  It encrypts any data that is sent through your website.  So if someone fills out a form with their contact information on it, that information is encrypted as it is sent through your website.

Why are SSL Certificates important to you?
Google has confirmed that SSL Certificates do improve your ranking.  If all else is equal between you and your competition and you have an SSL certificate and your competitor doesn’t, you better believe your site will be ranked above theirs.

How do you get an SSL Certificate and what is the cost?
Great question.  We will handle all the details.  We will purchase and install the SSL certificate for you.  The cost is $99/year.  Just let us know if you are interested and we will guide you through the process!

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