Top 10 Reasons You Should Fire Your Web Developer

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#1 You have no idea how many people visit your site every month. Your web developer should be reviewing your analytics with you every month to come up with new strategies to increase traffic from different sources.


#2 You are not utilizing social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+.
What better way to remind people what you do once a week than to non-intrusively post something on Facebook that shows up on their news feed?


#3 You have no idea where you rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a MUST these days. If you have no idea where you rank for your keywords, you are losing out on new business every day.


#4 You have no idea what Google My Business is. If you aren’t listed in the local directories you are losing out on local business. You are nowhere to be found for every search that ends in a zip code. For instance, “Football Supplies 45205″. If you are listed, it shows your business on a nice map with easy directions and everything.


#5 You haven’t heard from your web developer in over a month. Your website is built, so you don’t need to hear from him that often right? Wrong. The world wide web is the go-to place to find businesses these days. No one gets out the old yellow pages anymore. How are you getting in front of those people that are searching for you? If you build it, they will come. But how do you keep them coming back? Your web developer should be constantly checking in with you.


#6 You have no idea who your competitors are on the web. Everyone has a competitor, no matter what business you’re in. What strategies are they using? What can you do better than them on the web to get more clients?


#7 You do not have a clear call to action on your site. What’s the goal of each visitor that comes to your site? Is it to sign up for a newsletter? Is it to make a phone call to you?  No matter what the case, it should be very clear as soon as you come to the homepage what you want them to do.


#8 You have a design from the early 2000′s and he hasn’t suggested a redesign. Sorry guys, but this is 2015. You have ten seconds to grab people’s attention. Spend a little extra cash and get a new, nice looking site and I think you will notice the results.


#9 You have no way to get in touch with people who are interested in your products/services. What about those people that come to your site and are just not interested in making a purchase or call on that particular visit. They just want information, but they may make a purchase in the future. Are you capturing their emails? Are you sending out a newsletter every month to remind them of a sale or event you have going on? You must capitalize on this.


#10 Your web developer doesn’t take you out for beer, golf, or Cincinnati Reds games! We like to keep a good relationship with our clients. We appreciate their business and they appreciate ours. End of story.


I’m not saying that all of these services should be provided free of charge, but you should at least have a web developer that informs you and keeps you up to date on these items and anything else in the web development industry. Be sure to visit our web development page if you have any questions or would like an estimate.
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