SEO or PPC Marketing? Or Both?!


Cincinnati PPC MarketingShould you go with SEO or PPC marketing? Or maybe even both? This is a tough question to answer and one that really depends on your particular situation. We try to answer it best by breaking businesses down into two categories.

New Business or Established Business with no SEO
If you are a new business or established business with no SEO, you should definitely utilize PPC (pay per click) marketing regardless of your ROI (return on investment) so that you at least get in front of your customers on Google or Bing. If the budget allows, start working on your SEO (search engine optimization). SEO takes time to get established and ranked so it’s always better to start earlier rather than later. It is definitely an investment, but once you reach the top in regards to SEO, you should start seeing a difference in your bottom line.

Established Business with SEO
If you are ranked decently well for the keywords that you would like to be, then, in our opinion, PPC Marketing is optional. Some business owners like it just for brand awareness or because it knocks the competition down an extra spot and lists their business twice. Both of those reasons are valid. However, if the ROI isn’t there, those dollars may be better spent elsewhere. The reasoning is that you will still get in front of your customers with your SEO keywords and you can spend that extra PPC money to get in front of a different audience. It’s a toss up, but it really depends on your industry and audiences.

We hope this article helped make your decision a little easier. Be sure to visit our SEO and PPC Marketing pages for more information.

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