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High Quality, Relevant Content Copy is King in SEO

Google the statement “content is king” – it will return over 33 million results. In those results, you will find the statement is a title of a 1996 Microsoft article written by Bill Gates, in which he discussed “where much of the real money will be made on the internet”. His quotation may make you wonder what Mr. Gates thought “real money” was back in 1996. However, the bottom line message in those millions of search results – high quality, and relevant, content is king for SEO.

Search engines have a mission to improve the user experience; their survival depends on satisfying the user query with the most relevant results as quickly as possible. To accomplish their goal, search engines rate websites based on how its web pages enhance the user experience, and satisfy their query. The concept is simple because people search the web for two reasons – they want to buy a product or service, or they want to find information. The concept and the queries may be simple, but creating a website page with copy to satisfy them requires time, talent, and extreme effort.

Your website pages should provide high quality, relevant answers to queries related to your products, your services, and your business.

It’s an understatement to say a small business owner must wear many hats in order to succeed. You know you are an expert in your industry, your knowledge makes you an authority, and your customers and clients trust you. Ask yourself the hard question… does your website provide high quality, relevant answers to queries related to your products, your services, and your business enough to advance your ranking in search results? Then ask yourself the obvious question… do you really want to add “content marketing copy writer” to your hat rack?

Content marketing is a critical component of internet marketing. It’s the creative mixture of art and science which achieves a balance between readability and the SEO words of your industry. Cincinnati WebTec can help you define your internet marketing strategy, and help you create content copy to improve your search ranking. We can help you find the social platform, in which to seed your content, that works best for your business, your budget, and above all, saves you time. It is our belief that high quality, relevant content stands the tests of a dynamic, ever-changing internet. Just ask Bill Gates.

To learn a little bit more about what we offer, be sure to visit our copywriting page.

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