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SSL Certificates

What are SSL Certificates? Have you ever visited a website and see the little green lock next to the domain name? That’s one small feature of an SSL certificate but what the certificate does behind the scenes is more important.  It encrypts any data that is sent through your website.  So if someone fills out a form […]

Mobile SERP is a Small Business Reality Check

Search engine result page (SERP) ranking is possibly the most discussed topic among internet marketers. Changes in search algorithms since April 2015 have sent many businesses scrambling for mobile optimization of their websites. With ever-increasing searches on mobile devices, Google and Bing are understandably favoring mobile-optimized sites on their SERPs. Keep in mind search engines […]


How much does a website cost in 2017?

Every year we like to take a look at how prices and our services have changed compared to the last year.  So, here is our analysis of pricing look forward in 2017! First and foremost, just like last year, we try to break it down for you as best as possible but all of our estimating below […]

Content is King

Ask Bill Gates High Quality, Relevant Content Copy is King in SEO Google the statement “content is king” – it will return over 33 million results. In those results, you will find the statement is a title of a 1996 Microsoft article written by Bill Gates, in which he discussed “where much of the real […]


Google Search Results – Trends for 2016

The Google search results page is one of the more overlooked but very vital pieces of online marketing.  If you compared the results page from a year or two ago to today, you would see that Google only had 2-3 ads per search and the map was shown to the right of the listings.  Now […]

Our SEO Strategy for 2016

SEO is constantly changing and we have to adapt our strategy every year, but here are our recommendations for 2016! The biggest addition in the past year or two has been Local SEO.  We will get into that more though below.  Let’s dive in! 1. Keyword Research Every good SEO strategy starts with keyword research.  You […]


How much should a website cost in 2016?

We like to do this every year just to keep everyone informed on how website prices have changed over the past year.  Not that much has changed from 2016, but here is our 2016 analysis! First and foremost, just like last year, we try to break it down for you as best as possible but all of our […]

WebTec’s Top 10 from 2015

We do our best to reach out to everyone several times throughout the year, but if we missed you or if you missed us, here are WebTec’s top 10 of 2015! 1. Responsive Design The term “responsive” simply means that your website adapts to any device and automatically adjusts fonts, images, menu’s, and much more.  It doesn’t […]


What is Local SEO and Why Does it Matter?

What is Local SEO? Let’s start off with the basics.  Local SEO is how your company shows up locally in search results.  Think of local SEO as the YellowPages of 1990.  If you wanted to find a plumber in your area, you would go to the plumber section of the yellow pages and give them […]