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Why the Spotlight on Web Accessibility Continues to Grow

What is web accessibility? Lowering the curb height in areas for wheelchairs and strollers, automatic opening doors, and brail on restroom signs are a few examples of how businesses make their storefronts accessible to people with physical disabilities and limitations. The businesses that are required to make these modifications are the ones that provide everyday […]

How Often Should Your Business Post on Facebook?

Social media is a marketing channel that continuously evolves and adapts to the latest consumer trends. Facebook stepped up their game and put some well-needed barriers in place to respond to the growing number of ads, political outrage, and misinformation. By doing this, people can enjoy more content from friends and families.  What this means […]


How Much Should a Website Cost in 2020?

A website is a critical component of your business that gains a lot of attention from your customers. Whether your company is just getting started or been in business for years, having an updated and modern website is a must. There is a rising noise level that people face daily, and you can break past […]